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Christmas in July Fundraiser: Computers for Kids


Please join us in celebrating this season of giving!

Christmas in July

Our work is centered around giving.  For over a decade we have been giving back to communities around the globe that have inspired us.


Now—more than ever—we need your support.

Our Current Project:  Computers for Kids

We aim to provide at least 30 computers to a school in rural Ghana.

Our goal is to raise $4,000  USD.

Read more about this project below.

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Earlier this year Naomi Baldwin, our Founder and President, visited a junior high school in rural Ghana, a 4 hour drive from the capital of Accra.  She met the school's fantastic Headmaster and toured the grounds, meeting many students along the way.  Naomi saw two newly constructed classrooms that were empty. The Headmaster explained that these were built to eventually serve as a computer lab and a library, however they do not yet have any computers and need a lot more books to fill their new shelves.


Most of the children enrolled at this school have never operated a computer; they are currently learning about computers via drawings on a chalkboard.


That moment sparked an idea:  Let's get these amazing kids some computers!  


Having access to a computer provides life-changing resources and profoundly expands the possibilities for each student.  While computers and other modern technology should never be imposed upon communities who do not want them... hearing the Headmaster and students excitedly express their desire to add computer sciences to their curriculum is all we needed to hear.​

How You Can Help 

Please consider making a donation today.  A donation of $150 will purchase one computer.  

All donations are tax deductible.  Our EIN is 27-5410250.

100% of proceeds go to the communities we support.


Other Ways to Support This Urgent Project


  1. Please share this with everyone you know.  

  2. You can also sign up for Do Good Monthly to make recurring monthly donations to support our work.  We'll even send you one of our new, ultra soft t-shirts when you sign up!


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What percentage of your donation goes to the charity?

We are proud to say that 100% of each donation goes to the community projects we sponsor.  Our team is made entirely of unpaid volunteers.

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